Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mrs. Murphy's K3 Class

Everyday is offers a chance to not only learn but to have fun!

Working hard inside. . .

Everyday is offers opportunities to learn and have fun!

Having fun outside!

Enjoying God's Creation in winter. . .

and in Spring.

Exploring God's World in many ways. . .




and Eating!

A special thank you to all the parents who help make the learning and celebrating easier in our classroom.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

PE Rainy Day Blues by Carrie Fluegge

"Rain, rain go away, don't come again another day,"
cry the students in dismay
"But why," says the rain,
"after I come, everything looks clean."
"True, true, but it makes us blue."
"How so?" asks the rain
"When you come, you cause us pain
For we must be indoors, which is our bane."
"Why the indoors do you so dislike?"
"We have to stretch and bend for 40 minutes time.
Our excercise is more fun when we're outside."
"Why is this?" the rain inquires.
"Outside we play games that cause us to perspire,
but inside our excercises cause us to tire.
We would rather romp in the sun
then stretch in the gloom.
But if you come, this is our doom."
"I see," the rain slowly says, "I see your plight.
But without me there would be no water your sweat to fight."
"What you say is very true,
and there is nothing else for us to do.
For what happens next is for our best.
God's plan for us is nothing less."

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oak Hill Science

Children possess a natural curiosity. I am constantly asked how things work or why something is the way it is. While I may not have all the answers, I try to encourage their curiosity by delving deeper into finding the answers. If man had no questions, or never said, "I wonder why, how, or what causes that?" there would be no need for science. Science's main existence is to answer, or try to answer man's questions about life and this world.

One of our senior students, Hee Sung, wondered what would happen if water, fish oil, olive oil, and expensive organic eye cream were rubbed on rose petals. Would the expensive eye cream keep the rose petal looking young longer than say water or other beauty aids such as fish oil or olive oil? Her findings were fascinating. Water outperformed all the other beauty aids. We must drink plenty of water to stay healthy!

In this photo and the top photo the students were performing experiments using their finger prints after studying the Integumentary System . They also had to do a bit of crime solving using those finger prints. The students worked together in teams, had to pay attention to detail, problem solved, and constructed a conclusion. Although they thought they were having a good time, they were actually learning some tremendous life lessons in that class activity.

Anne and Rebecca are creating Candy "Models" of blood. After learning about the components of blood, they had to precisely weigh out each candy representing blood plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. It was a very sweet lesson.

Who does not like a good challenge? Oak Hill students love challenges and took this one very seriously. They were challenged to name and spell correctly the assigned muscles in the human body. Dryden, Ana, Shelly, and Megha did an outstanding job and aced this competition.

Currently our middle school science students are studying the human body and performing experiments, challenges, and activities reinforcing each lesson. The ESL high school students are performing Botany experiments, writing small research papers, and will soon be planting the Oak Hill Garden!